8 Billion views and counting

When we started Pants Bear® just over a year ago, little did we know of the impact this little bear would have. His latest viral campaign saw him hijack the world's largest sporting event, single-handedly. Check out our award-winning bear on Line and Giphy.

An award-winning bear

Pants Bear® has garnered fame for GIFs and Stickers which have reached billions of people around the world. Read more about Pants Bear® crossing 8 billion views with zero media budget plus his latest viral campaign - that saw him hijack the world's largest sporting event.

Pants Bear® hijacked the world's largest sporting event

In 2021, we took an opportunity and piggybacked on the media attention angled towards the summer games, diverting it back into Pants Bear®'s brand awareness. Through daily trend monitoring, we made Pants Bear® part of the conversation around the games, with over a hundred customized GIFs and Stickers ready to be shared and celebrated throughout the different sporting moments.

We broke the internet with zero (0) media budget

From a children's education platform to a sticker sensation - Pants Bear®'s rise has been meteoric. We could not be more proud.


Discover Pants Bear® GIFs and Stickers

Enter Pants Bear® LINE and Giphy. We see the positivity in how people use LINE and Giphy on various social media portals and we want Pants Bear® to share in the joy.

The Pants Bear® app

Make your own Pants Bear® stickers and explore bonus content; like bedtime stories and educational content for little bears on the Pants Bear® app. Available on iOS.