Meet Pants Bear® and his family

Pants Bear® lives in Bearry Mountain with his family, Papa,Mama, Max and Sister Bear! Every day in Pants Bear's® life is an adventure around Bearry Mountain. His favourite pair of pants which he wears for playtime, is his avocado-green dungarees which he simply calls - Pants!

Learning life one adventure at a time

Pants Bear® has fun and learns something new everyday in Bearry Mountain where he lives with his family. Every day in Pants Bear's® life is an adventure and he shares his learnings with his audience as stories available on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Pants Bear's® distinct features are his bright green pants that give him his memorable nickname. Rain or shine, he does not leave home without his favourite pants.

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Get Pants Bear® in Hardcover
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In this timeless hardcover storybook treasury, enjoy two hardcover tales from everyone's favourite little bear, Pants Bear®! From Three Little Bears to Pants Bear® and The Beanstalk, this collection of classic stories is sure to delight any Pants Bear® fan. Elegantly designed with a special padded cover and gold edges, this charming volume is the perfect introduction for a whole new generation to the best bear in all of Bearry Mountain.

The Story Behind Pants Bear®

The story of Pants Bear® and his family started in 2018, but the true start of Pants Bear®, the teddy bear, stretches back to the early 1990s in Finland. Where a special teddy bear with bright green pants found his way into the young hands of Dr. Taavi Kuisma, the now author of Pants Bear®.

During a Christmas vacation in 2017 at the author's home, his daughter found a little teddy bear with golden brown fur and green pants.

Curious, she asked him what this bear's name was, to which Taavi replied - Pants Bear®, a name that took after the striking green pants Pants Bear® wore every day. The story or should we say stories behind Pants Bear® became a daily occurrence in the Kuisma household with one story leading to another. Soon tales of Pants Bear's® adventures became illustrations and bedtime stories for Taavi's three children. Luckily, it's now penned down and shared with the world.