Meta Bears is an exciting new digital collectibles brand that brings the vision of Pants Bear to life through a series of Non-fungible Tokens (NFT).

What are Meta Bears?

Meta Bears is the first official NFT collection under Pants Bear Pte Ltd consisting of hand-drawn, unique “One of One” NFTs built on Ethereum blockchain and made available on OpenSea. Meta Bears is based on the award-winning, widely popular Pants Bear sticker and cartoon character, which to date has over 4 Billion sticker views across the world. Pants Bear’s Meta Bear form takes shape in miscellaneous outfits, outfit colours, background colours and accessories reflecting the rarity of the Meta Bear.

Meta Bear’s 1st Edition Drop includes 1,000 exclusive bears. Stay tuned for Seasonal Drops and other unique collections including Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Hyper Rare and Legendary Collectibles.

The Rarity Level

Each Meta Bear is hand-drawn and unique, “One of One” artwork illustrated by Pants Bear Company’s Illustrators. The rarity of the Meta Bears NFTs is defined by what we call a Rarity Level. The unique NFTs can be Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Hyper Rare or Legendary. Different outfits, accessories, headwear and colours have different values, which define the total value of each Meta Bear. Let’s use the “Sir Bear” here as an example. His hat, facial hair and monocle all contribute to making the combination rarer in comparison to “The Suit” who merely has his business attire on point. The other factor also affecting the rarity is the colour, for example, “The Golden Bear” is rarer as the Gold colour is limited with only very select Meta Bears rocking the metallic colour.

Why Meta Bears?

Meta Bears is part of Pants Bear Pte Ltd. An award-winning digital company based in Singapore. Pants Bear has garnered fame for GIFs and Stickers which have reached billions of people around the world. The company has also a growing children’s entertainment and education platform in addition to new sub-brands in Entertainment and digital collectables.

Meta Bears brand is at the heart of the Pants Bear Company’s future developments. Not only are you investing in some amazing minted Bears, but you are also contributing to the growth and future projects of Pants Bear Company. The 1st Edition NFT Drop is means to fund the next stage of our Metaverse, introducing interactive 3D Playsets. A new form of digital collectable toys and figurines. 3D figurines that can be collected in NFT playsets, but which can also be used to play mini-games, and trade with fellow collectors. The utility NFT aspect is at the heart of these figurine collections, where a fisherman bear equipped with a fishing rod can unlock a fishing game, which enables a chance to capture collectable fish at different rarity levels.

The ultimate ambition is to manifest our own Ecosystem with a unique Token. A platform that allows easy accessibility, a safe and controlled trading environment and most importantly ability to make use of the collection across the Pants Bear Company’s range of products.

You can help us bring these projects to life, and be part of the Meta Bears community. As an existing, funded business enterprise with a future pipeline in digital products, entertainment and collectables, you are also investing in a growing ecosystem with an existing, sustainable business model.

Stay tuned for exclusive drops, giveaways and more from Meta Bears by Pants Bear.

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What is an NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) is an entry on a blockchain, the same decentralized digital ledger technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. But unlike most bitcoin–which is fungible, meaning that one coin is essentially indistinguishable from another and equivalent in value–tokens on these blockchains are non-fungible. NFTs are technically unique digital items with a serial number on the blockchain, perfect for digital collectables.

What’s so special about NFTs anyway

NFT’s are the biggest momentum shift in digital art, collectables and digital space in ages. With hundreds of millions spent on NFTs in just the past months, the popularity of NFT digital collectables is increasing. The monthly trading volume on NFTs in recent months is equivalent to the amount spent in NFTs in 2020 alone. The non-fungible token platform provides a new medium to sell, trade and collect digital art and other collectables. With the rise of digital currencies, blockchain and the new wave of digital consumerism, NFTs provide never-before-seen opportunities for artists and brands alike.

So, Meta Bears?

Meta Bears is Pants Bear Pte Ltd’s first official NFT collection, with many more to come. Meta Bears are hand-drawn, unique “One of One” NFTs built on Ethereum blockchain. The design and direction of the Meta Bears are based on the popular Pants Bear sticker and cartoon character. The brand’s stickers are used across the world daily, with hundreds of millions of sticker views every month across the world. The Meta Bears manifest in unison shape but with unique outfits, accessories and colours that make Meta Bears a unique and fun set of digital collectables.

Where can I buy Meta Bears?

You can purchase your Meta Bears from OpenSea. We’re updating our collection(s) on weekly basis with drops announced on our social media, and website. To purchase Meta Bears, you need a Wallet with sufficient Ethereum (ETH) to purchase the Meta Bears NFTs on OpenSea. Please refer to OpenSea’s details and instructions on the Wallet use and Integration.

I bought a Meta Bear, now what?

Congratulations! You’re now a proud owner of a One of One artwork. Nobody else in the world has a Meta Bear like yours. You are the owner of the uniquely minted Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) and it is up to you what you do with it. Make a profile picture of it, show it off on your social media or print it and frame it, it’s yours. You can use the OpenSea platform to trade your Meta Bears. Your Meta Bears are stored in your personal wallet and accessible to you when you wish to admire your collection.